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Beijing, March 8 (xinhua)Faced with the surging demand for melt blown, the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council guided relevant central enterprises to speed up production line construction, put into production as soon as possible, expand the market supply of melt-spraying fabric, and provide guarantee for epidemic prevention and control.This is the reporter 8 from the sasac to understand the information.

The machine group constant day group owned enterprises constant day ka wah nonwovens co., LTD. (constant day ka wah) on January 26, the comprehensive return to work, the enterprise has the international advanced spinning melt quickly halt production capacity production line, production masks with filter layer and inner and outer layer of non-woven fabric, etc., rapidly expand masks production line at the same time, the current production capacity has reached 1.1 million only a day.In addition, since February 20, hengtian jiahua has been urgently transferred to the production of melt-spraying filtration materials, and by March 6, the total production of melt-spraying cloth has exceeded 609 tons.

As China's largest supplier of medical and health materials, sinopec was originally the upstream producer of polypropylene in the mask industry chain.After the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to ensure the price stability of melt-spraying cloth in the middle reaches and the supply of masks in the downstream, sinopec decided to intervene in the production of melt-spraying materials, melt-spraying cloth and masks in a comprehensive way according to the requirements of sasac, so as to open up the whole industrial chain of mask production.

A few days ago, sinopec yanshan petrochemical two melt spraying cloth production line a success, will be put into production as soon as possible;In jiangsu, sinopec yizheng chemical fiber is also accelerating the preparation of eight melt-spraying fabric production lines, which are expected to be completed and put into operation in mid-april.It is understood that the total investment of 10 melt-spraying cloth production lines is about 200 million yuan, and the daily output can reach 18 tons after all production, which can be processed into 18 million medical masks.

According to sasac medical materials special working group news, up to March 6 at 24:00, the central enterprise that day melt-spraying cloth output reached about 26 tons."As the new production line is built and put into operation, the production of melt-spraying cloth is expected to increase significantly in the coming week."Sasac and central enterprises will continue to step up efforts to ensure the supply of medical supplies such as raw materials for the production of surgical masks, according to a person in charge of the sasac's special working group on medical supplies.


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